Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Giro d'Italia

Last week, Denmark hosted the first stage of Giro d'Italia, and the towns were painted pink, literally. 
Photos taken by my friends: Amanda and Shrabony

Over in my neck of the woods, the Gågade (walking street/shopping street) was filled with people. On the Church Square, there was an International Market, a free brunch, and a performance by Jasonitterne, Odin Theatre's Italian "friendship" troupe. They also had shopping, kayaking, spinning, and rappelling. 
Photos taken by me

The Giro d'Italia riders arrived around 4:30 on Sunday afternoon, but I was far too short to  see them! Thankfully, I have a very tall husband, and he loved me enough to get some video of the riders passing through.

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Here is the first, small group of riders passing through.

Followed by the second, larger group about 2-3 minutes later.

The race was a nice end to a rather long, busy, weekend. 


  1. How unique! Much cooler looking than the big tour we had in my hometown. The road closures were the most "exciting" part!

  2. Best part of this PINK BRIGADE in Herning is that a week later, we still have all these fabulous pink tulips everywhere...and they will pop up again next year!

    1. That is just so cool, Kelli! Hopefully I can make a trip down there before they all disappear!


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